What do fleet management, risk assessment, and usage-based insurance analytics have in common? The correct answer is data collection. No matter the business vertical, it is profound insights that serve as a pillar to any organization. Factual data is indispensable when it comes to assessing performance, measuring effectiveness, and even calculating potential ROI, so you can't afford to disregard it in whatever activity you're involved in. If you want to benefit from the ultimate power of knowing, the Raxel Telematics service provider will help you to make this happen.

At Raxel Telematics, we are centered around the idea that nothing is more important than accurate real-time location and behavior data. With this in mind, we offer you a world of new data processing opportunities opened up by our revolutionary driving telematics solutions. Our range of products includes apps, software kit, and device-agnostic telematics platform, all of which are designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge.

The concept of user and vehicle telematics by Raxel

Telematics is a state-of-the-art technology based on much more than just telecommunications and informatics. It uses GPS and other sensors to collect data associated with vehicular operations and driver behaviors. This information helps analyze crucial metrics, such as locations, geo zones, driving style, performance, etc.

Advanced mobile telematics systems from Raxel Telematics can be used by individuals as well as organizations to get the insights they have never had access to. We provide vehicle and user telematics to let you get a closer look at:
Covered distance &
travel time
Real-time location &
speed data
Driving behaviors, including maneuvers and cell phone use while behind the wheel;
Accident detection &
Trip details &
Lifestyle data
Visited places
(points of interest)

If you're interested in getting constant access to these sets of data, be sure to install our telematics mobile app. It is available as a standalone, white-label app and an SDK that can be embedded into any existing smartphone application. Find more details on the required settings for iOS and Android devices here.

The technology that has no equal

We take pride in our smartphone telematics because it's an ultimate game changer in the industry. As of now, there's hardly any company in the world that can offer you the same level of technology as we do. Have a look at some of the key features of our mobile telematics:
Flexible start/stop tracking modes with 3 available options
You can use automatic, manual, or iBeacon modes or combine them if you wish. Note that iBeacon involves the implementation of a Bluetooth-based low-energy device in a vehicle so that our library can be enabled automatically when the distance between this device and a smartphone is roughly less than 1 m.
Low battery consumption
Thanks to the advanced algorithms, our library only starts consuming energy when driving patterns occur. In other cases, it remains in standby mode and doesn't use GPS sensors.
High-frequency data and multi-sensor access
Our app is designed to collect data up to 30 times per second from some sensors and carry out preliminary analysis, which can be used for accident detection. What's more, it captures data not only from internal sources (smartphone, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, compass, etc.) but also from external ones (Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth, mobile signal).
Autonomous functioning
The library doesn't interfere with other app functions, meaning that it gets connected only to the telematics platform. It has several modes of operation, including track recording, real-time data, and on-demand. You can combine modes, depending on the purposes of tracking.

Who can benefit from our smartphone telematics?

Being aware of real-time data while on the move can help drivers ensure compliance with road safety requirements and improve their driving behaviors. Also, they can reduce their accident risk scores by following helpful tips featured in the app. These tips are based on a motorist's vehicle operation pattern for better effects.

Our driving telematics solutions can come in handy for many organizations.
Raxel Telematics is always happy to be of service to:
Logistics companies
Our products can help carriers facilitate fleet management, improve efficiency, reduce idle time, and everything in between.
Insurance providers
If you are looking for an innovative method of assessing risks and calculating policy premiums, rely on driving behavior and lifestyle data. Our UBI solutions are designed to revolutionize the auto insurance market.
Car-sharing and rental agencies
The app by Raxel Telematics can be used to incorporate a usage-based pricing model into your services. Plus, it can enhance vehicle utilization, reduce maintenance costs, and improve completion rate.
Leasing companies
Raxel telematics platform helps companies to maximize the residual value of assets via constant analysis of vehicle usage modes, predictive maintenance, and residual value.

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