Raxel Analytics platform

By combining advanced analytics with the power of our telematics data, we unlock powerful insights that lead to remarkable results for companies looking to solve, analyze and improve their product performance and customer satisfaction.
Raxel Telematics provides a wide range of insights and models based on telematics data from various business verticals
Insurance: Try before you buy
Engage new customers and carry out a risk assessment before the user purchase your insurance policy
Insurance: classic UBI products
Give customers a fair price on insurance based on their life-style and behaviors
Insurance: On-demand insurance
Give your customer a solution to manage risk and make the right choice with low cost
Transportation: Eco-Driving
Enhance total cost of ownership and make your fleet profitable
Transportation: Safety management
Provide your customer with better customer service providing safe rides and reduce your expenses for insurance
The mobile SDK can be embedded to existing app or works as a standalone solution. Information from smartphone sensors helps our partners to build various product based on customer experience and behaviors
Marketing platform
We help our partners to make data profitable
Data source
Data enrichment
Data management
Analytics platform
Open API
We help our partners improve P&L through addressing main challenges
Raxel is absolutely device agnostic platform, It supports almost all data sources
We know how to process data properly and make it sense.
We enrich data using 3rd party data providers
Raxel develops a MOBILE SDK to capture data from smartphone sensors.
It can be embedded to existing apps or used as a standalone solution
Examples of using the mobile SDK